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What is a Diamond Certificate?

A Diamond Certificate is a statement, issued by an independent Gemological Laboratory, after examination by experienced Diamond Graders using various gemological instruments.

The 4C Rule

Beautiful and rare, diamonds are desired for their beauty, sparkle, prestige, and message of love. When buying a diamond, there are four points to consider, collectively known as The 4C Rule.

10 reasons to buy from IDC House of Diamonds

IDC is a Member of the Israel Diamond Exchange, which tells you a lot: IDC is a quality manufacturer, maintaining the highest standards in the Israeli diamond industry.

IDC – Israel Diamond Exchange Member

The Israel Diamond Center – House of IDC is a highly – respected member of the Diamond Exchange.

How to choose an engagement ring?

Countless considerations need to be made before making a smart decision. Get our tips for a smart engagement ring choice.

43 places for an engagement proposal

We are here to offer you ideas that will help you plan the most exciting event and most importantly, be lucky.

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